Neptune 3D

Screenshots and Videos

This page presents some screenshots and videos made with Neptune 3D. These images do not present the whole set of features of the engine yet but more images are coming soon.


Nature rendering

Neptune 3D manages rendering of complex nature scenes made of hundreds of millions grass blades and trees with realistic lighting. Grass is rendered with three levels of details and seamless transitions, dynamic lighting, shadows and intuitive density management. Trees are rendered with indirect lighting in a high dynamic range environment and with soft shadows. For more information on these techniques, you can visit this page.

Grass rendering

Tree rendering during the day

Tree rendering during the sunset

Trees at sunset

Grass rendering demo video - High definition, 1280x720 (150 MB, WMV9)
Grass rendering demo video - Low definition, 640x360 (37.6 MB, WMV9)

Preview of the grass video

Tree rendering demo video, 640x480 (19.7 MB, DivX 6)

Preview of the tree video


Stereo rendering with three projectors

These pictures were taken in the Immersia room of the Bunraku team at IRISA in Rennes, France. Three computers with NVIDIA Quadro FX 4500, synchronized with a genlock, are sending active stereo images to three Barco Galaxy 7 Classic+ projectors. The three stereo images are edge blended to provide one seamless image on a cylindrical screen 9.5 meters wide, of radius 3.8 meters and with a horizontal field of view of 135 degrees. Active shutter glasses are used to obtain the stereo effect. The second picture clearly shows the presence of the stereo images.

Neptune 3D in the Immersia room

Neptune 3D in the Immersia room

Neptune 3D in the Immersia room


Various scenes

Many of the following models are from DAZ 3D except for the skies, trees, grass and flowers. They are exported from DAZ Studio and imported successfully in Neptune 3D with their materials. The two first images present HDR rendering with an exaggerated bloom effect, as well as trees with indirect lighting.

House and tree at sunset

Tree on a hill

SS7 Supercar (first rendering)

Street of a city

Wine cellar

Fairy in a forest

Brooke, a friend :)